Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why Unconvention?

For some of us the mainstream Presidential Conventions are inaccessible, irrelevant, or not where we want to be. That’s why we’re having our own “Unconventions” to engage in the political process in our own way -- with music, film, candidates and inspiring speakers who are accessible, and our own town halls.
Most of us know the political process is tainted; however the power of your vote is real. The greater the number of voters, the harder it is to cheat, steal or rig an election. This year, its important to keep the momentum, get activated, have fun in our activism, and catalyze and create the change we want to see in the world. We are connecting the dots. We are connecting with each other.

We must make it more difficult to steal by mobilizing large numbers of voters. Even if you're feeling disenfranchised from the Presidential Selection process, it is important to prevent them from stacking the House and the Senate. We need to slow down the fast track to fascism in whatever way we can using the political process as well as grassroots actions.

Activist organizations working together cancreate a greater awareness of the important political issues in the US right now - the illegal occupation of Iraq, the torture, the Patriot Act, the treatment of our soldiers and veterans, the loss of our civil liberties, election fraud, the wasteful spending abroad while social programs, quality of life and infrastructure deteriorate at home, the shameful treatment of the heroes of 9/11 and the lies of 9/11....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Open for Vlogging

Unconventional Tour is on the road past the Conventions. Wake Up America and smell the Truth. A Political Mashup of music, film, politics, fun, a mini fest with the intention of bringing greater awareness to the plight of the first responders, workers at Ground Zero, election process, issues which are critical in our Nation. This being an election year, this tour will highlight the importance of citizen involvement in political process - aka voting. The power of your vote is real, why else would they be trying so hard to steal it?

This tour is a way to bring together the peace and justice movement, the anti-war movement, the 9/11 Truth movement, environmental groups, labor unions, churches, free speech and civil rights groups, the movement for fiscal responsibility, social justice groups, and various student activist groups. We believe in our diversity and in our common purpose of making our government accountable to We the People.

This will hopefully become the space for the video blog aka vlog for the progress of the tour, and other information as it comes together. You can check back here or check http://www.unconventionaltour.com or http://www.music-unconvention.com