Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unconventional Tour Headline on


In case you're wondering what we all have been busy getting this Unconventional tour together, and it's now looking imminent....The donation of the fifth wheel to the cause and the dedication of the People to People Team, donating hours of work, and of course getting the show together, would not have gotten this far without knowing that there's a real audience out there, people like you, who are interested in finding truth and not just the spin.   We're running on a shoestring, but with your help, by showing up, by coming to the shows, by helping where you can, as volunteers, (and with donations, which we still need), we're launching with a party on October 9th in Santa Barbara.

This morning we're a headline on 9/11!   Check it out:

The world is ready for something unconventional, not tied to party lines, and we're hoping as we venture into the heartland, to meet a lot of kindred souls, and in some small way be part of networking and bringing us together.   There are a lot of good films out there that are not getting enough distribution and attention and we know that there are lots of good people who just don't have good information, who have been denied the facts by a complicit corporate media  And we all know what that means -- because it enabled criminal behavior by an out of control corrupt "cronyocrisy".

What we are doing is unconventional - combining music, film, messaging and fun.   We're trying to put some of the "party back into politics".  These are serious issues, there are serious flaws in our system and there's a lot of serious effort going into making this happen, setting the stage for the more serious information presented.  We're featuring two of my films: "Electile Dysfunction" (updated) and "9/11 Dust and Deceit".  In Austin the showing will be a benefit for the first responders - all proceeds after expenses to go to the Feal Good Foundation.

Please check out the Unconventional website for more unconventional info:

So here's where we'll be:  please join us in the city nearest you:
Oct. 9                   Santa Barbara,  (John Lennon's Birthday - call 805-320-7981 for more info
Oct. 17-18 -        Little Rock
Oct. 21-23          Bloomington, Indiana
Oct. 24                Chicago
Oct. 26-27          St. Louis
Oct. 29                Tulsa
Oct. 30                Austin
Nov. 2                 Albuquerque
Election Day      Nevada or Arizona?  (we'll be filming where ever we are)

If you would like to help, with a donation, a tank of gas, or more, there is a link from our sponsors' page
If you would like to table, just contact us, and/or go to the page:

Thanks so much for helping us to make some waves!

Let's build!

Penny Little
Coordinator, musician, filmmaker, activist