Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unconventional Tour-Tulsa - The Away Team

The Away Team, electronic duo Penny Little and Nik Green, perform "Komputer Made Me Cry" in Tulsa at the Nightingale Theater. This song was going to be the theme song for Penny's film which later became titled "Electile Dysfunction" with the theme song being "Electile Dysfunction" by Indira Stefaniani. Part of the Unconventional Tour, the Away Team's performances included media clips, clips from films, images in what they called a "Mashup" of film and music.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Stars Seem Closer Than Chicago ©2008 P. Little

This is the song I wrote before we left on our Unconventional journey. I didn't get a chance to record it or perform it....I had wanted to sing it in Chicago at the Heartland Cafe, even though it isn't really "political", in the same sense as "No En Nuestro Nombre" for example. I was born in Chicago, my mother was born in Chicago. I have a bit of a nostalgic longing for the skyscraper canyons of big cities..... So today, I just turned the camera on, and ran a few takes, and did a quick edit. When I get back to Chicago, and get some more Chicago footage, I'll be able to finish the video.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unconventional Tour Albuquerque- The Away Team

At the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Social Justice, the Away Team performed before Penny Little's film "Electile Dysfunction". Here they perform Penny's song, "Hang Together"

Unconventional Tour Chicago - Swizzle Tree

Swizzle Tree Acoustic, Steve and Saarang joined the Unconventional Tour at the Heartland Cafe for an evening of political music, video clips, and fun!

Unconventional Tour - St. Louis "Free Speech" Contest

Part of each Unconventional event included the opportunity for the audience to participate in a "Free Speech" contest. 2 minutes, stopped by the gong, judged by clap-o-meter (audience applause) and arbitrary decision of the Unconventional Crew, each contestant can talk or rant about the political or social issue he or she feels is most important. There were no clear winners in St. Louis. Each participant got a free t-shirt in their size.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Review from Unconventional Tour Chicago by Ragen Gillam

Review of Chicago Show submitted by Ragen Gillam.

Those of us lucky souls who attended Penny Little’s Unconventional Tour at the Heartland CafĂ© in Chicago on Friday October 24 were treated to a variety of entertainment, including great music, political satire, including some 911 truth, and audience participation.

Jim Post, one of the “Midwest’s great treasures”, and an inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, sang a few folk tunes, including one called “Brain Damaged”, about the lingering effects of the 60’s drug culture. Jim also is a Mark Twain look-alike, and does a traveling show called Mark Twain and the Laughing River. Check out Jim Post’s site here.

Jungle of Cities, featuring Tim Wais and Kimi Carpenter, are a stunning Chicago band playing socially and politically aware music. If you're in the Chicago area, check out their schedule to see where they'll be playing.

The Away Team, featuring the incredibly talented duo, Penny Little and keyboardist Nik Green, performed a few of their original songs, interspersed with some great videos clips, including this video referring to the NIST report about building 7.

Also on the bill that evening was Swizzle Tree, a really hot Chicago band, treating the audience to some hard-hitting songs.

One of the highlights of the evening was the free speech contest where audience members were allowed to vent and rant on stage for 2 whole minutes, or until the gong was hit.

The audience – representing all age groups - realized they had witnessed a truly unique event filled with mind-expanding truth and exceptional talent, seamlessly put together in one great show! Hats off to Penny Little, Nik Green and Dawn Perrine for a delightful and mind-expanding evening of great entertainment!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unconventional 2008: Pictures along the Way

These are some of the still photos taken (mostly by Nik Green) along the way from California to New Mexico to Little Rock to Bloomington to Chicago to St. Louis, Tulsa, Austin and New Mexico, California again - a giant 7,000 plus mile journey with the horse trailer and our troupe...Music by Cosmic Love Child "I'll Be Your Drum" Mix by Nik Green

Monday, November 3, 2008

We're in Flagstaff - Dixville Notch results are in

The truck decided we're going to stay the night in Flagstaff. it went into "limp home" mode which means it would only go 20-30 miles per hour. We got off at Exit 201, where there just happened to be a Koa campground, called the Chevy dealer who said we could bring the truck in the morning, But when we filled up with diesel across the road, the truck suddenly decided to work perfectly again. (It wasn't out of gas...) We went to the Lowell Observatory and watched stars, the M-15 globular cluster, Jupiter with four of its moons perfectly aligned, Andromeda and the moon. The Universe is BIG, and we are tiny little cells; minute pieces of starstuff. Thinking about the ripple effect of our making waves tour..

Edit: As we tried to leave Flagstaff, the truck went back into "limp-home" mode, so we had to stop at the dealer. It was almost as if Flagstaff wanted to keep us there. $350 plus later, we're headed home.

Dixville Notch-- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama emerged victorious in the first election returns of the 2008 presidential race, winning 15 of 21 votes cast in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Dixville Notch residents wait for the stoke of midnight to be the first voters for the nation's presidential election. People in the isolated village in New Hampshire's northeast corner voted just after midnight Tuesday. It was the first time since 1968 that the village leaned Democratic in an election. I maintain that if McCain wins, it is by fraud. From what we've seen, from all the polls, Obama will be our next President.

Leaving Albuquerque

The Unconventional Tour: Making Waves 2008 leg from Santa Barbara, Little Rock, Bloomington, Chicago, St. Louis, Tulsa, Austin, Albuquerque, is done.

What we have learned is that the club gigs with the media “mashup” worked the best. In fact, we started talking about doing a West Coast tour, as we packed up and drove away from the Albuquerque gig. It might be possible to promote a film showing at a music gig, or find people who would sponsor and/or host a film showing on our way back through a town...

Our tour has been largely separate from the election; in fact, as Jack Blood said, “If this had been an Obama rally”, there would have been thousands flocking to us. But we didn’t bill ourself as partisan, got no support from any political party. We wanted to bridge the common ground, not stand on any one side, and forge the way for more third party candidates in future elections. If there were a genuine coalition of opposition to the corporatized elections, where Ron Paul Republicans, Kucinich Democrats, Progressives, Naderites, McKinney fans could get on viable election reform.

When we started we thought we would mobilize voters -- especially young voters. It appears our outreach mission has been more about creating a model for the future, inspiring organizers, and being an example of blind faith, as mentioned in prior post. We’re calling it the Meeting Friends Tour or Tour of Faith. We did not break even. The gig in Albuquerque didn’t pay for our way home, but we’re ok.

Over the next couple weeks we'll be uploading video from all of the cities.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Review from St. Louis Show

Posted Nov 2, 2008 3:45 PM
I would tell you that Penny Little and her troupe are brave and good people, but I can't. Not because it's not true, but because if I did you would be suspicious about what else I say about them. You'd think I was just laying it on. I'm not. I was amazed at the professional quality of her singing voice and the proficiency of the couple's keybording. I suppose fogies like me will be amazed at what can come out of a set of electronics, but really, it was like an orchestra. Miss this show?-Don't.

Donald E. Stahl

Unconventional Tour - Austin - Jack Blood

In Austin, at Ruta Maya, excerpts from Jack Blood, talking after film showing of "911 Dust and Deceit", by filmmaker Penny Little. This film documents the plight of first responders, volunteers at Ground Zero on 9/11, exposes the government lies.

Unconventional Tour - St. Louis

Hiphop duo "Family Affair" performed for the Unconventional Tour in St. Louis on October 26 at the Community Arts and Media Project.