Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Shift Coming

There is a big shift coming. Those who adapt and change will survive and thrive. We are facing the biggest challenge and change in economics since the Industrial Revolution. It is worldwide. It is going to change people's consciousness, for better or for worse.

It seems not many have time to read investigate what is going on, many don't know or understand what is really happening. Maybe they don't want to either, and to be honest, after working all day who wants to come home to spend the rest of their day researching what seems like more bad news? Catching a few sound bytes from FOX or CNN or even MSNBC, without cross referencing, background and education, has replaced CHURCH as the ultimate authority in controlling the minds of the general populace. And of course, the Churches are revving up the fear button with Armageddon. From what I've heard, The End Times of Revelation really happened at the end of the Roman Empire, but sometime mid-1800's a new crop of fundamentalists began perpetrating their interpretations, probably as a way to scare more people into Churches. When people have nowhere to go, they flock to extremist ideas -- look at Nazi Germany.....

Those who can see the bigger picture will be unafraid; those who create community will survive; the rise of the creative class and those who create the future rather than succumb to the fears in the present, will thrive. Of course those who can see the bigger picture, such as the elites, will also be unafraid.

It is the TEOTWAWKI - "The End of The World As We Know It", but this can be a good thing. The World as we know it SUCKS! Jesus asked us to become like Him. Buddha gave some tools or methods for doing so. Jesus told us we would do greater things than He. And whether you believe or not, it's up to us to make this a better world.

Alternately, we're headed for a technocratic worldwide fascist police state. So much for "Hope" and "Change".

And we're rushing collectively headlong into this without asking questions, without stopping, without demanding accountability from the crooks that got us here. So, we're perched on the ledge, teetering on the brink....... it's up to us, not the "powers that be" We collectively have more power than the several hundred very wealthy who have been redistributing wealth to themselves at our expense.