Saturday, April 18, 2009

Unconventional 2010?

Unbelievably, we are talking about doing another tour. Maybe not this fall 2009 unless it "falls" into place, but 2010. We're going to begin outreach to musicians in June of this year. We did have such a great time on Unconventional 2008, though it was hard work. By 2010 we'll be ready again and have a couple new albums, one from Nik Green, and one from The Away Team. I'm posting this now to plant the seed. We're looking for interested musicians and bands, are considering a Left Coast tour from San Diego to Seattle, and possibly a retrace of UT2008 into that Chicago, St.Louis, Little Rock, Tulsa, Austin arc. OK, Universe, here we go again, for another interesting ride! I'm also hoping by then to have at least one of my nine Little Savage™ books complete. You can check her out at One of the features of the 2008 tour was a short Little Savage slide show.. In 2010, we'll be the new, improved multi-media extravaganza, politically charged to try to make people ask questions about issues which still have not gone away with the new Hope-O-Rama Administration. I love Hope and Change, and like Peace, it begins with me and you. I'll never forget meeting with my Congress Woman: she told me, "It's up to you, to the people" and how discouraged I felt when I heard the powerlessness she seemed to be expressing. So, it's time to wake up, smell the truth, and start demanding of our so-called representatives some of the things we elected them to do! So, bookmark this space -- at some point this archival site will re-emerge. 2010 here we come!

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