Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wild Wild Land © 2009 Penny Little

Notes:This is an in-process video project, uploaded here so those participating can see and share. Many thanks to Gerald Chong and Charles Hood for filming in Hawaii, to Dawn Perrine in California, and Neda of Return to Freedom. The experience meeting and filming Taj, the Arabian mare at Return to Freedom was wonderful. Having not been around horses for many years, I felt some sort of connection to a part of myself through Taj. I wrote Wild Wild Land in London, when I was longing to return home to my country. Ben Hurley, guitarist from White Feather (we were signed together on Warner Brothers UK) is recording guitars remotely with the Away Team - Nik Green and myself. On this tune Ben did some really great slide playing as well as rhythm guitars. We will mix this and new songs for upcoming album of the same name "WILD WILD LAND", which we hope to release in October.

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